Video: Cecily Tynan Ditches Trail Run to Rescue Injured Owl

If you didn't already love her with your whole heart, you're about to.

Welp, if you weren’t already obsessed with Cecily Tynan like just about every other human in Philadelphia, you’re about to be: The 6abc meteorologist and avid runner was out for a trail run today when she spotted an injured owl. And here’s where the swoon-worthy part that will make you fall in love comes in: When she spotted the owl, Tynan ditched her run, wrapped the owl in her shirt and took it to get medical attention, rescuing it like a freakin’ knight in shining reflective gear.

She posted a couple of videos of the very scared owl to her Facebook page, which you can see below. Here’s to hoping a happy-ending video is on its way.

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