Cool! You Can Camp Out on the SRT After the Schuylkill River Relay

Welllllllll, this is really cool: After the Schuylkill River Relay & 50K, the brand-new 50K relay race (or solo run, your choice) along the Schuylkill River Trail, coming up Saturday, April 23rd, folks will be able to camp out — literally — at St. Michael’s Park, just off the Schuylkill Canal and the SRT. Cool, right?

To jog your memory, the relay, which coincides with the launch of this year’s SRT Ale, will end at Sly Fox’s Spreekend party at St. Michael’s Park where runners will get their hands on a complimentary brew. The Spreekend party, open to the public, will go into the night with live music and food trucks galore. Once it ends, attendees — so runners and non-runners — who snag a campsite reservation are welcome to camp out for the night as long as they join in on the trail cleanup the following morning,

The $15 campsite reservation get you a small campsite for two people, a reserved parking space, a Spreekend T-shirt, and breakfast before the trail cleanup. You’re responsible for bringing your tent, flashlights, and all that jazz. As I type this, there are 96 spots left. You can find out more and reserve your spot here.

And one more sweet update about the Schuylkill River Relay: Conshohocken Brewing Company will serve as the turnaround point in the relay. Because what better place to cheer your friends on from, right? Race director Carl Ewald tells us, when it comes to spots available in the race, they’re down to single digits for three-person teams and ultrarunners and, and they’ve got less than 20 six-person teams left. So if you want in, hop to it — prices go up Friday.

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