Campbell Soup Company Is Getting Rid of BPA-Lined Cans

Your tomato soup and V8 cans might look a little bit different soon: Camden, New Jersey-based Campbell Soup Company announced yesterday that they are phasing BPA out of their cans, and they expect to make a complete transition to BPA-free cans by the middle of 2017.

So, why should you care? Well, some studies have pointed to links between BPA, a chemical often found in hard plastic and the lining of canned foods, and health risks. As a press release from the company states, Campbell made the decision to give BPA lining the boot in response to customer feedback.

But as they explain in the release, switching to BPA-free lining isn’t the easiest task when the company has over 600 recipes — many of them acidic, which means they could eat through packaging — that new packaging needs to accommodate. “Our priority throughout this transition has been, and will continue to be, food safety,” says Mike Mulshine, senior program manager of packaging at Campbell, in the press statement. We wish them luck!

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