The Checkup: The Scientific Way to Break Any Bad Habit (And Replace It With a Good One)

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• Whether you bite your nails, pick at your skin or constantly stare at your phone, everyone has a bad habit they aren’t proud of. Here, expert advice on how to retrain your brain to replace bad habits with good ones. [Greatist

• Is this evidence that the start-up world may officially be going off the rails? There’s a new one in New York that promises to find your soulmate based on your natural musk. Yes, it’s a dating service that matches you based on what you smell like. [Women’s Health]

• Oof. Add this to the list of why you shouldn’t binge drink: It can raise your blood pressure if you do it regularly, according to new research. [Health]

• Behold, the power of protein — in plants. [Well+Good]

• Have trouble focusing at work? Check out these smart tips for how to work — and stay on task — without distraction. [Men’s Journal]

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