The Checkup: The Scary Reason Why You Should Rethink Your Morning Starbucks Order

Many of us are consuming way too much sugar — and if you’re hitting up Starbucks for a specialty drink on the regular, you’re definitely consuming too much sugar. The UK-based health advocacy group Action on Sugar tracked down the worst sugar offenders when it comes to drinks from chains, and spoiler: Starbucks drinks took up seven of the top 10 spots. Yikes. [Well + Good]

• Planning a vacation? Take a gander at these hotels that stock their showers with Sephora-worthy products. [Women’s Health]

• When you’re having trouble convincing yourself to lace up your running shoes (because rain or too many margaritas the night before or both), refer to this list of reasons running is awesome for you. Think: It reduces anxiety, ups your brainpower and is linked to lower rates of cancer. [Runner’s World]

• By 2050, 50 percent of the world population will be nearsighted thanks to our obsession with screens. That’s up from under 30 percent of the population now. Ack! [The Atlantic]

• Eggs are the food version of a 14-year-old girl: they’re very temperamental. You do one little thing wrong, and they turn on you with a vengeance, ruining your whole morning. But no more, thanks to this guide to turning out the perfect fried egg every single time. [BuzzFeed]

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