Be Well Philly Underground Recap: Throwback Hip-Hop Yoga (With a DJ!) 

Can Ja Rule be blasting in all yoga classes from now on, please?

Be Well Philly Underground Throwback Hip-Hop Yoga | Photo by Susan Nam

Be Well Philly Underground Throwback Hip-Hop Yoga | Photo by Susan Nam

You probably remember Friday as the day hysteria took over the city while that gnarly blizzard, Jonas, moved in on us. I, however, remember Friday as the day I got my downward dog on to Ja Rule, TLC and Biggie in our Be Well Philly Underground throwback hip-hop yoga class, complete with a DJ. Jealous? I would be too.

Last Friday, we teamed up with the lovely folks at Three Queens Yoga for a free pop-up throwback hip-hop yoga class at their Queen Village studio. DJ SYLO played tunes for us while studio owner Mariel Freeman, along with fellow instructor Erick Dupree, led us in a muscle-burning (darn you, Mariel!) flow, a bajillion planks included.

When we walked out of the studio an hour later, snow had already started to fall and I was feeling a few things: One, oh-so-happy I squeezed in a yoga class before getting snowed in and, two, oh-so-sad my next yoga class wouldn’t be taught with Ja Rule blasting in the background. The struggle.

Big ups to everyone who made it to the class, despite the (totally warranted) snow hype that took over the Internet Friday. And a GIANT thank you to our friends at Three Queens Yoga for helping us turn our Biggie-filled yoga dreams into reality. To make sure to you don’t miss out on our next secret pop-up fitness event, make sure to sign up for Be Well Philly Underground here. (It’s free!) And check out photos from Friday’s event below.

All photos by Susan Nam



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