The Easy Trick to Calm a Crying Baby (and Save Your Sanity)

Parents of newborns have it hard enough: There’s the whole not getting any sleep thing, then there’s the fact that they are now responsible for the life of another human at all times for the next 18 years (!!) — and then there’s the crying. But a video of a Los Angeles-based pediatrician, Dr. Robert Hamilton, performing a baby-holding trick that calms crying newborns could help with that last one.

The video has been making the Internet rounds — it already has almost six million views and it was only posted on Sunday — and for good reason: It shows Hamilton, who says in the video that he’s been a pediatrician for 30 years, using a technique he calls “The Hold” to calm crying babies. And it so works! And the goods new is, it’s very simple. But the bad news: It only works with newborns; after about three months, babies become too big to hold in the magic cry-stopping position.

You can check out the video below. And given many of the comments on the video read along the lines of, “Welp, this comes 30 years too late,” I’m thinking people who are nowhere close to being parents might want to watch, too. You will thank yourself for taking this four minutes out of your day later — I’m sure of it.

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