The Checkup: The One Thing We ALL Need to Wash More Often



• Fact: We all probably all need to wash our sheets more often. According to experts, we should all be washing them once a week. (Insert the ashamed-monkey emoji here.) But what’s more interesting is probably when we don’t necessarily need to wash them — like after fighting off a cold. Who knew? [Yahoo Health]

• I’m just going to leave this here: Poop banks are now a thing. For health reasons. [Refinery29]

• Okay, so TWO crazy things here: First off, Copenhagen is building a bike bridge that is suspended 213 feet in the air and takes riders over the harbor between two skyscrapers. (It’s as crazy looking as it sounds.) And the reason they’re building this bridge is because, apparently, all homes in Copenhagen must be within 500 meters of public transportation. I’m considering packing my bags as we speak. [Fast Company]

• Interesting! This is what is actually happening when your body parts fall asleep. Hint: It’s kind of like your limb’s way of crying for help. [Slate]

• A town in France is testing prescribing physical activities, like surfing and paddle boarding, in place of medication when, it makes sense. Here’s to hoping this catches on in the states! [Telegraph]

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