There’s a Giant Pre-Work Dance Party in Rittenhouse Tomorrow Morning 

Tomorrow's workout assignment: Dance your ass off.

The best way to start your workday? Why, with a dance party, of course. And tomorrow morning, you can do just that: Last week, our friends over on Philly Mag’s Arts and Entertainment blog, Ticket, gave us the heads up about a huge pre-work dance party going down at Rittenhouse’s Coda (at 17th and Walnut streets) tomorrow morning from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. There will be dancing, there will be free coffee and tea, and it will, without a doubt, be the best way you’ve ever started your workday. And the best part? You can count your morning dance session as your workout for the day. So much #Winning.

Our friends at City Fit Girls will be there to get everyone pumped up, and Gangster Vegan Organics will be slinging juices to help you refuel before you head to the office. Tickets are $15 ($5 for kids under 12) and you can get ‘em here. Head on over to Ticket to find out what else you can expect from the morning dance extravaganza. Happy dancing, friends!

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