The Checkup: Why You Always Wake Up 5 Minutes Before Your Alarm Goes Off

And more mind-bending health reads to kickstart your week.

• Alarm clock, shmalarm clock. Who needs one when your body is primed with the perfect wake-up tool? Here’s why you always wake up right before your alarm goes off. [Mental Floss

• Behold! The 10 Commandments of Skincare, as decreed by estheticians and top skincare pros. [Well + Good]

• Do you hate when people chew loudly? Or crack their knuckles? Or tap a pen? Here’s how get over being annoyed by, well, annoying noises. [Greatist]

• Did you know you can refreeze food — even meat and poultry — once it’s been thawed? It’s true, according to the US Department of Agriculture — so long as you thawed the item properly in the first place. [New York Times]

• Read this if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo: the strange, sneaky ways tattoos can affect your health. [Live Science]

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