The Checkup: Why Coffee Makes Your Breath Stink (And What to Do About It)

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• Turns out, there’s a LOT going on in your mouth when you down a cup of Joe. Here’s what causes coffee breath — and what you can do to curb it. [Yahoo Health

• I told you about my new favorite make-ahead lunch. Now you should check out these ingenious make-ahead breakfast recipes to streamline your morning routine. [Cooking Light]

• We all know how long it takes get in shape (Feels like forever, am I right?), but have you ever wondered how long it takes to get out of shape? Here’s your answer. [Greatist]

• This is the crazy sweatshirt that’s crushing all Kickstarter records. Whoa. [Self]

• Are you addicted to refined sugar? Read this fascinating account of what happened to one man who gave up the sugary stuff cold turkey. [Fast Company]

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