The Checkup: How a Piece of Scotch Tape Can Perfect Your Squat Form

And more healthy reads to kickstart your week.



• How smart is this? A Philly-based trainer explains how to use a piece of Scotch tape to keep yourself in perfect squat form. [Men’s Health

• Shopping for a new commuter bike for all the lovely upcoming fall rides on your calendar? Check out these affordable options you’ll swoon over. [Bicycling]

• Here’s a noble goal: Sleep well this week. These smart sleeping charts may help — a lot. [BuzzFeed]

• Happy Meatless Monday! Make it a veggie burger night with this ingenious recipe for chickpea burgers. [Greatist]

• Do yourself a favor: Add this core-shredding ab move to your routine PRONTO. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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