Round of Applause, Please: Women Runners Are Killing it in the Racing World

Philadelphia Pressroom

Philadelphia Pressroom

If there were a time in history to be running, it seems, it’s now, especially for us ladies. According to Running USA, an organization that monitors growth and trends in the sport, out of 18,750,000 race finishers in 2014, 10.7 million were women, making up 57 percent of finishers. In fact, women made up the majority of finishers in all 5K (58 percent), 10K (59 percent), and half-marathon races (61 percent!!). Now remind me, Beyoncé, who (literally) runs the world?

Some more cool statistics: From 1990 to 2013, the number of race finishers grew a whopping 300 percent (!!) to over 19 million, with the majority of racers (53 percent in 2014) falling between the ages of 25 and 44.

The total number of U.S. running events held in 2014 was over 28,000, with the 5K distance being the most popular by far: 44 percent of finishers ran 5K races. The half-marathon and marathon distances continue to grow in popularity, representing 11 percent and 3 percent of finishers, respectively. The 10K distance has actually declined in popularity since 2013, attracting just 7 percent of finishers.

Interestingly enough, average finishing times have gotten a teensy bit slower as running has become more popular, but that can probably be attributed to the wider range in ability of people giving it a try. And we’re applauding everyone out there who has finished a race — you’re making history!

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