This Is Exactly How Much Pennsylvanians Are Sleeping, According to New Research



Sleep is essential, obviously, but seems to fall down the list of priorities when we have so many waking obligations. In the fast-paced world and fast-paced city we live in, it’s reasonable to wonder if we’re sleeping enough. Last fall, we told you guys about research done by the fitness-tracker company Jawbone that showed that Philadelphians, on average, were not getting enough sleep. But according to new research — also performed by a company that creates health trackers — it seems that Pennsylvanians as a whole are actually getting a good amount of rest.

According to TIME, Withings, a maker of health trackers, conducted sleep research by tracking 10,000 of its device users all across the country in 2014. They found that, on average, Americans are getting 7 hours and 50 minutes of sleep each night. And guess what? Pennsylvanians’ nightly sleep fell on the average exactly, right down to the minute, which is comfortably above the seven-hour minimum amount of sleep recommended by the National Institutes of Health.

Some tidbits from the research: Us folks in Pennsylvania go to bed at 11:32 p.m. and wake up around 7:22 a.m. Those residing just a hop, skip and a jump away in Delaware are losing the sleep contest with 7 hours and 36 minutes on average, while Montana gets the most sleep with an average of 8 hours and 20 minutes per night. One thing to note is that this study only included people who were already using Withings, which means the findings mainly represent people who are probably somewhat invested in their health. The TIME article includes an interactive map where you can see how the rest of the states rank here.

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