Moon Bounces and Obstacles Galore: The Insane Inflatable 5K Is Coming Our Way

You won't want to miss this one.


Photo via Facebook.

It’s time to pull up your Google calendar and mark this down: The Insane Inflatable 5k is coming our way on October 3rd. Wait, did I just say Insane Inflatable 5k? Yes, yes I did.

We did some digging and it looks like this is the first time this race has made its way to our neck of the woods — it’s coming to Medford, New Jersey — and you are not going to want to miss it: The un-timed 5K is essentially three miles of moon bounces. Participants encounter different inflatable obstacles, like the one pictured above, while running alongside family and friends. The course starts out easy, with obstacles called “Let’s Go” — basically a moon bounce slide — and gradually gets more challenging (and more fun) with obstacles with names like “Jump Around,” “S.O.S.,” and “Wrecking Balls.” If you’re having a hard time picturing it, just think: huge moon bounces, inflatable slides, and a giant ball pit. Amazing, I know.

The race will be held at the Flying W Airport and Resort, at 60 Fostertown Road in Medford, New Jersey. The official start time is 8:45 a.m., but waves of new runners will be released every 15 minutes until 12 p.m. You can sign up for a specific wave time or upgrade to an all-access pass, which allows you to opt for any wave time you like.

All ages are welcome as long as you’re taller than 42 inches. You can choose to run individually, or to run as a team with friends, family or coworkers. Participants are encouraged to get crazy with costumes, so release your inner child and go wild! Hellooo, this is a moon bounce run we’re talking about here.

According to the run’s website, registration is already about halfway full. So if you’re interested, you should probably jump on getting a ticket soon. Tickets will cost you $52 until July 10th, and the price goes up periodically after that. The run partners with a different local charity at each location in order to give back to the community, but the Philly charity has yet to be announced. You can learn more about the race and sign up here.

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