The Checkup: Every Runner Needs to Read This

And more healthy reads to start your Friday.



• “Running is bad for my health? I don’t care. Running is good for my life.” Just one of the many great quotes from Running Time’s editor-in-chief Jonathan Beverly in a column about why diehard runners really run, published this week. [Runner’s World]

• And in today’s depressing news of a smart-phone addicted world: Attention spans just keep on dropping. Back in 2000, the average attention span was 12 seconds and now it’s a measly eight — which is less than a goldfish. If you just face-palmed, I’m with you. [Yahoo Health]

• An interesting piece on the unavoidable term “Dad Bod” and what it says about about how we talk about men and women’s bodies, right this way. [Greatist]

• Watch out for these six ways you could totally be sabotaging the effectiveness of your squats. [Fitness]

• Meet the guy who takes the idea of sticking to a Paleo lifestyle to a whole new level. [Eat Clean]

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