The Checkup: This Is What Happens When You Quit Sugar

And more healthy reads for your Thursday.



• BuzzFeed got three sugar fiends to give up sugar for an entire month, and while the first few weeks were rough, by the end, all three of them were happier — and one of them had lost a full five pounds (!!) of fat. Do you think you could do it? [BuzzFeed]

• And speaking of sugar, if you have no plans of giving it up, you’ll need this: a guide to the pros and cons of nine of the most popular sugar and sweetener options out there. [Q by Equinox]

• Why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to go to the movies, or dinner — gasp! — alone. [Science of Us]

• It seems like you can do everything on the Internet nowadays, including going to – er, well, scrolling your mouse over to — the farmers’ market for some fresh fruits and veggies. [Eat Clean]

• You won’t find any plain ol’ crunches on this list: Nine creative ways to tone up with a stability ball. [Huffington Post]

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