The Checkup: The 30-Day Plank Challenge for Rock Hard Abs 

And more healthy reads to start your day.



• Believe it or not, in 30 days, it’ll be beach season — so time to get those abs in tip-top shape! You can start with this 30-day plank challenge. [Refinery29]

• A little spring cleaning advice: Five ways to declutter your home — and your mind. [Well + Good]

Kraft mac and cheese is about to get a little bit healthier: The brand just announced that, starting in 2016, their mac and cheese will be free of both synthetic colors and artificial preservatives. [Newsweek]

• Considering a good chunk of you all out there are gearing up for Broad Street, this might come in handy: 10 tips that will make you a faster runner. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• If your posture is nowhere close to perfect, this posture-perfecting workout could help you out. [Q by Equinox]

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