The Checkup: This Is How Long Food Really Lasts in the Fridge

And more bookmark-worthy reads to start your day.



• If you often find yourself throwing food away because you have no idea if it’s still good, check out this handy-dandy guide that outlines how long all sorts of foods last in the refrigerator. So useful! [Greatist]

• If springtime has you feeling sleepy, here’s why. [Huffington Post]

• Hey, juice junkies: Five brilliant ways to reuse your juice pulp, right this way. [Well + Good]

• If you’ve been sitting in a desk chair all week, chances are, you could use these: 15 exercises you can do at your desk. [Fit Bottomed Girls]

• Tomorrow’s forecast calls for lots of sun and warmth, so I’m guessing the grills will be coming out of storage. But before you bust out the charcoal, read this: All the stuff that’s really in your hot dogs. It might prompt you to spring for the organic wieners. [Eat Clean]

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