The Checkup: The Easy Way to Make Your To-Do List Much Less Stressful

And more healthy headlines to kickstart your week.



• If your to-do list is a constant source of anxiety for you (I feel ya), here’s a thought: Why not ditch it all together? Check out this super smart way to turn a to-do list into an I-did-it list. [Yahoo Health

• I’ll admit it: I’m always a bit wary of home remedies of any kind. But these doctor-backed ideas for making pimples vanish using only things around the house may actually be on to something. [Health]

• So, so cool: This new spray paint for bikes is invisible during the day, but glows at night when headlights hit it. Meaning? You’re much, much safer on the road. [Popular Science]

• Forget the fancy new yoga pants you were about to spend half your paycheck on. Science says you’re much better off, happiness-wise, spending money on experiences rather than objects — here’s why. [Fast Company]

• A-ha! You’re not alone if you can’t instinctively tell your left hand from your right hand. [Science of Us]

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