Be Well Workout of the Week: The Simplest Way to Strength Train

An easy-to-follow strength-training routine that'll have your muscles screaming.



This week’s workout is anything but complicated. But what it lacks in complexity, it certainly makes up for in, well, total-body burn.

All you’ll need is one set of weights or resistance bands. You’re going to use the weights for each exercise below (except for the push-ups, of course), completing 10 reps of each move for four total rounds. 

Pick a set of weights that feels moderately difficult and that you’ll be able use for each exercise. If you want to challenge yourself further, add a quarter mile sprint between rounds, making it a full mile run by the end of the workout.

Good luck!

Be Well Workout of the Week: Super-Simple Strength-Training Workout
Perform 10 reps of each exercise, and complete four total rounds.

Alternating weighted lunge (10 reps left, 10 reps right)
Plank row
Squat with overhead press
Weighted lateral lunge
Reverse fly
Dead lifts

Optional: quarter-mile sprint

Explanation of exercises
*Click the links below for video how-tos.

Alternating weighted lunge: Holding a dumbbell in each hand, start standing with feet together and step forward with the left foot into a lunge, bending knee to about 90 degrees. Return to standing, then step forward with the right foot, until your leg forms a 90-degree angle. Do all reps on each side before moving on.

Plank row: In a push-up position with your hands on free weights, row one weight up and back, keeping your hips square to the floor and squeezing your shoulder blade. Lower and repeat on the other side.

Squat with overhead press: Hold free weights at your shoulders, and do a squat. As you stand back up, press the weights over your head.  Return them to your shoulders as you squat back down.

Push-up: Start lying face down with your chest on the floor, with hands facing forward and palms down in line with your shoulders; elbows should be pointing back. Push up until arms are extended (the inside of the elbow should be facing forward) and drop back down.

Weighted lateral lunge: Standing with feet together and holding a weight in each hand, step to the side in a lunge, making sure your knee doesn’t bend past your toe. Return to standing and lunge on the other side.

Reverse fly: Stand with feet hip-width apart and hinge forward at the waist. Holding a weight in each hand (palms facing towards each other), keep your arms slightly bent and using your back, squeeze your shoulder blades together, lifting your hands to the side.

Dead lifts with dumbbells: Hold dumbbells with arms extended down so they’re resting on your thighs, feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping shoulders back and abs tight (and without locking your knees), bend at the hips and let the weights lower towards the floor, going as far as you can without bending your knees too much. Drive your heels in to the floor and stand to return to the starting position.

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