The Checkup: You Might Want to Start Washing Your Dishes by Hand, Science Says



• If you’re a parent, here’s a case for ditching your dishwasher: A new study out of Sweden found that kids whose parents mostly washed dishes by hand, instead of using a dishwasher, were significantly less likely to develop eczema, allergic asthma and hay fever. Interesting, huh?  [NPR]

• And, speaking of allergies, if you hang with an allergy-prone bunch, this should come in handy on your next road trip: The 10 most allergy-friendly restaurant chains around the country. [Huffington Post]

• Here, three foods that fight inflammation and decrease muscle soreness after a killer workout. [Zelle]

• Bad news: If you’re anything like me, it’s highly probable you’re washing your workout clothes all wrong. [Shape]

• The next trend in healthy stress relief? Mushroom tea. [Well + Good]

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