The Checkup: How to Feel More Awake Right This Second 



• If you just let out a big yawn and asked yourself, “Is it really only Tuesday?!” you need these: eight tricks to feel more energized in no time. [Yahoo]

• Here, the busy person’s guide to staying healthy, even when you just don’t have time. [Refinery29]

• I’ve seen many a Facebook status about the flu in the past few days, which leads me to this: a bazillion and one ways to boost your immune system. [Real Simple]

Beards are in. And you know what a beard means? An extra sweaty workout. Here’s how to take care of your beard after said super-sweaty workouts. [Q by Equinox]

• Hopefully your day isn’t too stressful, but if it is, refer back to this: How to make stress work for you. [Huffington Post]

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