The Checkup: How to Be On Time for Every Single Appointment This Week

And more get-you-going reads to start your week right.



• Can we all just agree that late people are the worst? Actually, strike that: The worst is when you yourself are late to something important. Check out these six smart strategies for never being That Guy (you know who I’m talking about) ever again. [Huffington Post]

• THIS is how to apply for a job at Strava, the GPS-tracker app for runners and cyclists. (One word: genius.) [Runner’s World]

• And the one exercise move that pretty much does it all is … [Women’s Health]

• I think it’s time to give cottage cheese another try. Look how you can incorporate it into your meals all day long to turbocharge your weight loss. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Are you getting these crucial nutrients in your diet? Even folks who eat healthy often miss out on them. [Yahoo Health]

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