The Checkup: How Texting Is Positively Ruining Your Spine



• Get this: Looking down at your phone as you text exerts up to 60 pounds of force (!) on your poor little neck, according to a new calculation that accounts for your head’s weight and gravitational pull at various angles. Conclusion: Put your phones down, people! [The Atlantic]

• It’s tough having a dietary restriction at a holiday. Allow us to make it easier for our GF friends with this treasure trove of 99 gluten-free recipes just ready for your Thanksgiving feast. [Tasty Yummies]

• Pucker up: Kissing transfers up to 80 million bacteria between mouths, according to a new study. And apparently, the more smooching you do with the same person over time, the more you start to share the same oral bacteria. Er, romantic? [TIME]

• Researchers have figured out the optimal entertainment recipe (Music? TV? Both?) to keep you from getting bored during indoor workouts. [Women’s Health]

• Yup. You can get a good cardio workout in your living room (no cheesy workout video required). [Greatist]

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