WATCH: Cecily Tynan, Adam Joseph Duke It Out at the Boxing Gym

Adam Joseph at Joltin' Jabs | Photo courtesy Adam Joseph

Adam Joseph at Joltin’ Jabs | Photo courtesy Adam Joseph

If you follow either Cecily Tynan or Adam Joseph, both fitness-obsessed 6 ABC meteorologists, on Facebook, you get some pretty sweet insight into their workout regimes. Tynan is super into water sports, and they both love running and boxing—activities they often do together.

The pair regularly dons their mitts at Joltin’ Jabs in Manayunk for some friendly (I think? Ha. ) sparring. In fact, in this year’s Be Well Philly print magazine, Joseph told me why he loves his boxing classes so much: “You never stop the entire hour,” he said. “I love it because it strengthens my core, takes the strain off my legs, and conditions non-running muscles.”

Check out the video below that Joseph posted on his Facebook page, showing he and Tynan duking it out at the boxing gym. They, um, pull no punches.

{Note: If you see a black rectangle instead of the video below, click it and the video will start to play.}

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