PHOTOS: Last Night’s Secret Be Well Philly Underground Event in Rittenhouse

Be Well Philly Underground | Photograph by Nell Hoving

Be Well Philly Underground | Photograph by Nell Hoving

Here’s what I love about my readers: I give them a time, I give them a place, I bribe them with a free workout and all-you-can-eat ice cream, and they show up in droves. That’s what community is all about, and I’m never not blown away by how amazing you all are.

Last night marked our first official Be Well Philly Underground pop-up. Sure, we’ve done lots of pop-ups before, but the twist here is that these are secret. You can sign up to join the Underground community and receive alerts about our not-advertised-in-advance monthly events.

To mark the first in the series, we got an enormous group together for a workout in Rittenhouse Square, courtesy of Best of Philly trainer Holly Waters. Then we high-tailed it over to Pure Fare for an all-you-can-eat ice cream social after we were nice and sweaty. It was a BLAST. Holly pretty much kicked our butts, so we more than earned our ice cream.

Not that it’s a treat you need to feel guilty about, anyway: The ice cream at Pure Fare, which we taste-tested over the summer, is 100 percent clean and natural, made with things like bananas, avocados, pumpkin, coconut sugar and maple syrup. Best part? Many of the favors are vegan and dairy-free, too. (As someone who is lactose intolerant, I cannot even BEGIN to explain how awesome it felt to stuff my face silly with this stuff last night and go home without even a hint of a belly ache. My fellow lactose folks will understand).

Pure Fare treated us to five flavors: peanut butter-chocolate avocado, pumpkin coconut, pistachio chocolate chip, ricotta ice cream with cardamom spiced pistachio, and Greek yogurt with grain-free brownie. They were all insanely delicious (they’re available at the shop now if you want to try them for yourself) but my personal favorites were the pumpkin coconut and cardamom spiced pistachio—the absolute perfect flavors for fall.

Check out our photos of all the fun below. And be sure to get in the loop for our next event by signing up for the Be Well Philly Underground. Click here, or go to the Events tab in the navigation at the top.

All photographs by Nell Hoving