Pennsylvanians Really Like Red Wine, New Research Shows



Back in May, we told you guys about a huge study out of Penn that showed, despite what previous research might’ve told us, red wine isn’t actually good for our cardiovascular health. Like, at all. Not even a little bit. (Insert emoji bawling hysterically here).

But that heartbreaking news (sorry—I just couldn’t resist) hasn’t stopped us Pennsylvanians from buying it: Recent data collected by Naked Wines shows that Pennsylvanians purchase red wine a whopping 60 percent of the time, and only opt for white wine a measly 30 percent of the time, The Washington Post reports.

While red seems to be the favored wine across the country, with 58 percent of Americans saying they prefer it over white, Pennsylvania is one of only four states where folks buy red as much as 60 percent of the time. So, why would that be? Well, it could be that we are all in denial about red wine’s lack of health benefits—totally understandable. Or, judging by the face my boyfriend’s father gave me when I told him I only like white, it could be that red wine is simply considered the “nicer” variety, so people buy more of it. After all, according to The Post, the American Association of Wine Economics did conclude in a 2008 paper that “red wine appears more appreciated with respect to white.”

Anyway, we don’t know why Pennsylvanians love their cabernet and pinot noir so much, but we do know this: Given Penn’s findings in May, you’d be just as well off, heart-wise, having a glass of pinot grigio. Now go—share this very important information with your friends before they put in their afternoon happy-hour orders.

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