4 Ways to #RuntoWorkPHL If You Live Really Far from the Office



Eeee! The inaugural Run to Work Day Philly is this Friday, friends! Based on your Twitter and Facebook chatter, it seems you’re all as excited to hit the road as we are.

What’s been really cool over the past week is hearing from some of you about the creative ways you’re planning to tackle your longer commutes—because, obviously, it wouldn’t be reasonable to assume you’ll be able to haul it 20, 30 or 40 miles on foot to the office. If you’re scratching your head over your own double-digit commute, here are four ways other readers are making their Run to Work Day participation more manageable.

The Problem: I live really far from the office and commute by train. 

No worries! Lots of readers are in your boat. If you have to board a train to commute, consider getting off a stop or two early and hoofing it from there. You won’t lose any points in our book.

The Problem: I’m in sales and I need my car at work. What can I do? 

Plenty. Drive to work like you normally would and park in your usual spot. But get there 30 minutes earlier so you can get squeeze a run in. Do some laps around the block, then head to your desk. It totally counts.

The Problem: I bike from Conshy to Center City on the Schuylkill River Trail every day—way too much ground to cover on foot. 

I hear ya. If you’re not up to hoof it double-digit miles, ride your bike to Lloyd Hall (or another lock-up-able point along the trail) and run from there. That’s doable, right?

The Problem: It’s all highways between my home and my office. You’re not telling me to run on the highway, are you? 

Wouldn’t dream of it. If you typically drive to work, do what our salesman friend is doing and park in your work’s lot, then jog for a few minutes in a nearby neighborhood. Heck, you can even feel good about doing a couple of laps around the parking lot. If you take the train, see Problem #1 above. You could also get really creative and run to a nearby coworker’s house, then hitch a ride with him or her.

*Bonus Problem (for people with almost no commute): I work from home! I don’t really have a commute. 

Lucky you! You can still run in solidarity by waking up a few minutes early, slipping on your running kicks, and doing some laps around your neighborhood. This is as much of a Let’s Move Our Bodies initiative as it is a transportation one, so running around your neighborhood and ending in your home office totally counts.

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