Want to Consume Your Placenta? Local Doula Will Prepare It for You

Some of you might remember our piece from last year about a woman who chose to eat her own placenta after giving birth, in pill form, and totally loved the experience. Well, it looks like the placenta-eating craze is still around, but it’s gotten a bit more gourmet: Earlier today, our friends over in Philly Mag’s news department, made us aware of the fact that placenta prepared in a ceviche-like fashion is indeed a thing, and you can have it made for you right here in Philadelphia, if you so please.

Apparently, a Philly-based doula named Melissa Degezelle will pick up your placenta post-birth, whip it into a lemon-cured ceviche-like substance and deliver it to your home, all for a total of $200.

But whyyy, you ask? Many proponents of placenta-eating believe popping placenta pills (or chowing down on placenta ceviche) can ward off postpartum blues, including the mother who recounted her experience on Be Well last year. And others believe eating the placenta can increase lactation and provide a host of other health benefits. Needless to say, not everyone is into the idea.

Check out the full story here.

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