Mustache-Themed 8K Coming to Jersey This Fall



If you can grow some serious facial hair and like free beer, this may just be the perfect race for you. The folks over at Good Day for a Run and MΣAN GUY Running just announced that they’re hosting the Mov’n 8K, a mustache-themed race on November 1st. The 4.98-mile race will help raise awareness and funding for Movember, an organization that supports over 700 mens’ health projects. (Side note: It’s open to ladies, too! No mustache needed.)

The race itself starts at 10 a.m., but the after party will go until 6 p.m., where runners will score a free beer. It will start and end at The Village Pub in Swedesboro, New Jersey. There’s still a bunch of swag and giveaways that have yet to be announced, but some of the highlights we know of so far include prizes for best mustache, a mustache bottle opener (to open your free beer, duh) and a t-shirt.

Prices start at $40 through July, and then tier in August and October. For more information and to register, go here.

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