And the Germiest Thing You Touch on an Airplane Is …



I caught the segment below on the TODAY show this morning and almost gagged on my cereal. The NBC morning show sent a team of researchers on flights across the country to test various surfaces people encounter during air travel—security bins, check-in kiosks, seat belts, arm rests—for harmful germs.

The, um, winner? The airplane tray table, which reporter Jeff Rossen describes as “a petri dish of germs.” A former flight attendant interviewed in the piece says she’s seen people change their babies’ diapers on those things. Guys, this is where we eat on planes. It is also where I sleep. (Pull the tray table down, make a pillow with your arms, conk out for the next five hours—works like a charm.)

Sigh. Germaphobes, be warned.

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