Hand-Crank Blender Solves All Your Smoothie/Camping Problems



Everything old is new again, and here is some solid proof: You can now get a handy dandy camping-friendly blender (because a weekend without smoothies is no weekend worth having) at Without Walls that is powered by none other than—wait for it—a hand-crank.

Here’s how it works: You simply attach your GSI Outdoors’ Vortex Hand-Crank Blender to a flat surface, like a picnic table, load it up with all of your smoothie essentials—I suggest this doughnut variation—and crank away. The blender is BPA-free and has two variable speeds to make your cranking a little less strenuous.

I have yet to confirm this, but I’m pretty sure this is how our ancient ancestors prepared their acai berry and chia seed smoothies back in the day. More info on this summer’s must-have camping essential here.

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