Wait. THIS Is What You Need to Do to Improve Your Running?



Intriguing read over on Huffington Post, y’all, about an exercise plan for runners that days back to 1908. It details a one-exercise routine employed by runner Walter Goodall George, who went from novice runner to world-record-breaking racer by following this plan.

And the exercise it prescribes isn’t rocket science either: It’s the high-knees, that sometimes-used-for-warmup move we’ve all done a zillion times, whether on the field before sports games in high school or during our weekend boot camps as adults. The plan calls for a very specific, form-heavy version of the high knees, that you repeat 100 times.

HuffPo has a nice tutorial, complete with a GIF visual, to show you how. But I want to know: Have any of you more advanced runners done anything like this before? I’d be curious to hear about how it worked for you.

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