The Philly 10K Sold Out in 70 Minutes

Yup. It sold out fast.

Yup. It sold out fast.

“We wish we could let everybody in,” said Philadelphia Runner’s Ryan Callahan earlier today about the Philly 10K, which sold out insanely fast this morning. “There are just more people who want to do this race than there are spots.”

Turns out, a lot more. The Philly 10K sold out in 70 minutes this morning, after general registration opened up just before 10 a.m. There were 1,500 spots to fill today, after yesterday’s 3.5-hour sell-out of the 1,500 preregistration entries. Callahan said when the general registration site went live this morning, there were 4,000 people on the site at one time—which means if servers hadn’t crashed due to the overload, the race would have sold out in minutes.

“We’re excited about the race,” said Callahan. “Of course, we’re bummed we can’t let more people in, but we want to preserve the intimacy of the course and race experience. Plus, we don’t want to jam up South Philly with more people than can fit.”

The September 6th race starts and ends near Passyunk Square, with a post-race street festival that’s open to the public. Runners will get a race shirt, free beer from Philadelphia Brewing Company, a Termini Bros. shake from Shake Shack, and other swag.

Callahan says that while they won’t open more spots this year, the powers-that-be are already brainstorming ways to expand the field for future races, including tweaking the race course, while still keeping it within the heart of the city. For now, there will a few bib giveaways in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for contest info if you’re still looking for a way in.

And if you sent an email to the race’s help desk with a question about your registration, Callahan says he’s answering each and every one—about 300 emails so far—so sit tight while he sifts through.

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