The Most Popular Starbucks Order in Philadelphia

I guess my obsession with Starbucks’s soy latte hasn’t quite caught on here, huh? (Seriously, if you’ve never tried it, do so immediately and you will not be disappointed.) New data released by the coffee giant, compiled here, shows popular Starbucks orders in cities across the country.

While plain ol’ coffee was by far the most popular drink order across the board, the analysts noticed particular trends in certain places around the country, places where lots of people had an unusually strong penchant for a particular Starbucks drink. Philly’s leanings in this department? The Blonde roast, the light-roast coffee that Starbucks calls its “easiest-drinking coffee.” It’s apparently strangely popular in Chicago, too. Feels kinda … boring, eh?

Here’s what residents of other cities prefer:

Denver: Tea latte
San Diego: Green tea frappuccino
Portland: Eggnog latte
Omaha: Mocha
Charlotte: Skinny latte
San Antonio and Los Angeles: Frappuccino
Tampa and Boston: Iced coffee (Are Bostonians crazy? It’s so cold up there!)
Seattle: Extra espresso shot
Minneapolis: Latte
New York City: Pike Place roast
Phoenix: Iced caramel macchiato
Memphis: White chocolate mocha

And rounding out the list is San Francisco, where residents know what’s up and order soy lattes like they’re going out of style. But I assure they will never go out of style because they are delicious. Have I made you a convert yet?

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