To Do: Vegan Dinner with a Steakhouse Chef (Really!)


I don’t have enough thumbs to put up (you know, like thumbs up?) to convey how awesome I think the upcoming Foobooz After Dark event is. So you’ll have to accept my two measly thumbs, but envision many, many more.

The event, which our friends over at Foobooz are hosting (duh), is a one-night-only vegan dinner on Saturday, March 29th, with Barclay Prime chef Jeff Froehler, who will be manning the kitchen sans animal products at Passyunk Square’s new Vegan Commissary. So yes, a steakhouse chef cooking a meat-free dinner. Seriously, y’all: The Foobooz guys tell me this food will be phenomenal.

The dinner will be $85 a person, including tax and gratuity, and space is super limited. In true Foobooz After Dark form, the whole shindig starts at 11:30 p.m. Translation? Take a nap, kiddies, so you can rally for a late night.

So here’s what you need to do: Go sign up for the Foobooz After Dark email list right over here. Tickets for the dinner aren’t on sale yet—they will be veeeery soon—but they’ll be giving their email subscribers first dibs, so you’ll definitely want to be in the loop.

Happy delicious eating, vegans!

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