Greatest Invention Ever? The Smartphone-Controlled Crock Pot


Photo via Belkin

Cooking just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Belkin’s amazing new smartphone-controlled Crock Pot. Yes. A SMARTPHONE CONTROLLED CROCK POT. No more asking your work-from-home roommate to remember to turn on the Crock Pot for you at 10 a.m. so your dinner is ready at 6 when you get home from work (only me?). Instead, just throw the ingredients into the Crock Pot before you head off to work, then turn it on yourself from your phone once you’re at the office. You can use your phone to check in on your meal throughout the day, too, and adjust the cooking temp. Amazing, right?

The newly revamped Crock Pot, debuted by Belkin at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show, is controlled by the company’s WeMo Home automation technology. So, according to a press release by the company, as long as you have the free WeMo app on your smartphone, you can control your Crock Pot remotely, without ever actually entering your kitchen. Raise your hand if your mind is totally blown.

These bad boys won’t be available for purchase until the spring of this year, so if you were planning on scooping one up on your way home, you’re out of luck. But on the upside, here’s something to add to next year’s Christmas list!

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