The Checkup: Here’s Exactly What Happens to Your Body During a Hangover



• You know when you wake up after downing a few too many champagne cocktails the night before and you’re like, “I think I’m dying. No, I’m definitely dying. Whaaaaat is happening to my body?!?” Well, here’s exactly what’s happening to your body during a hangover. [Women’s Health]

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• It’s totally okay to eat your feelings. Seriously! If the holiday season’s got you feeling a bit anxious, calm down with these stress-busting foods. [Prevention]

• Today in local news, Queen Village health-food store Essene Market & Cafe changed ownership this week and new owners, Steven Clofine and Janice Innella, have a six-month plan to upgrade the nearly 35 year-old market. So, stay tuned! [The Insider]

• The quesadilla is such a fantastic creation: It takes all of five minutes to make and you can put anything you want in it. Seriously, ANYTHING. Here is a wonderful mushroom ragout quesadilla for you to try. You’re welcome. [NYTimes]