Philadelphia City Council Passes Meatless Monday Resolution


With vegetarian and vegan restaurants popping up left and right lately, it was only a matter of time before city officials took notice. Now it looks like the meatless trend has officially swept City Hall with last week’s passage of an official resolution in support of Meatless Mondays right here in Philly.

The public health/environmental movement, in which adherents eschew meat one day a week, has already been recognized in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Of course, the resolution doesn’t carry the weight of law—i.e. if you’re caught eating a cheesesteak next Monday, you won’t be arrested—but the move helps raise awareness about healthier eating in Philly.

The resolution, introduced by Councilman Bill Green, was green lighted on October 17th. Click here (warning: PDF) for the the complete text of the resolution.