Pennsylvania Law Bans Strangers From Touching Pregnant Womens’ Bellies

Thank goodness!



Since the dawn of time, pregnant women everywhere have been subjected to the super creepy practice of having total strangers grab their growing bellies. Like, we get it people—the miracle of life is a beautiful thing, obviously. But have you ever heard of personal space??

Well apparently most people haven’t, which is why a Pennsylvania law, which categorizes the act of a stranger touching a pregnant woman’s belly as a form of harassment, is getting some widespread PR of late. The law, which appears to be an old one despite reports on some sites that it’s new, recently gained national attention thanks to a Central PA man who is facing harassment charges for getting too handsy with a pregnant stranger’s stomach.

I personally don’t want any strangers’ hands near my belly, baby or no baby, and I’m happy to have the law backing me up on that one. What do you guys think?