Check Out Nike’s New, Improved FuelBand SE

Photo courtesy of Nike

Nike previewed the latest version of its FuelBand body-monitor bracelets yesterday, which will hit stores on November 6th, and it looks like they made a few awesome improvements. For one, these bands can supposedly differentiate between activities, like rowing versus running versus biking, which means they should be able to give better (i.e. more accurate) data. So when you see your Fuel score go up—for the uninitiated, that’s the made-up output measurement created by Nike to gauge how much you’ve moved your body in a given day—you can better trust the reading.

And to all you FuelBand cheaters out there, consider yourself on notice. TechCrunch reports:

This edition is intended to be better at encouraging users to move, and harder to cheat with. Nike reports that doing things like punching your fist in the air to game your score won’t up your Fuel score.

Womp womp.

The new second-generation bands look similar to the originals but feature colorful accents. They’re also sealed and waterproof, which means you can keep it on in the shower or pool. And in playing catch up to competitors like the FitBit and Jawbone, Nike also added a sleep-tracking sensor so you can get a better handle on how many Zzz’s you’re getting each night.

The FuelBand SE will retail for $149 and is available for preorder here. Read more about the new specs and features here.