Broad Street Runners: Are You in the New Blue Cross Ad?

Film from the Blue Cross Broad Street Run makes it into the insurer's "Live Fearless" campaign.

I’ve noticed Independence Blue Cross’s new “Live Fearless” tagline on billboards across the area, and I’ve seen a few of the ad spots on TV. (Side note: Does it drive any other grammar nerds out there insane that it’s not “Live Fearlessly,” since “live” is the verb and “fearlessly” is the adverb? Every time I hear it or read it, I can hear my mom, who’s a teacher, hollering in my head, “FearlessLY! FearlessLY!!” Okay, moving on.)

But last night, I literally stopped dead in my tracks directly in front of the tube when I noticed that the newest commercial for IBX is alllllll about the Broad Street Run. And since I’ve run that race for the past four years, I scanned the images to see if I could find myself. But alas and alack, I am no where to be found—but maybe you made the cut. Check out the ad below, then share in the comments if you’re in there somewhere.