How to Dry and Grind Your Own Fresh Herbs

Every time a recipe calls for a spice or dried herb that I don’t already have in my pantry, I internally cringe a little. That’s because I have been conditioned to believe that everything in the spice aisle at the grocery store will cost about three times more than I want to pay. I kid you not: I recently made a recipe that called for some kind of ground chipotle something something (super technical name, eh?), and I audibly guffawed in aisle 5 at the ACME when I realized a tiny bottle of the stuff would run me $9.99. $9.99!

This is why I was giddy with glee last week when a tutorial for how to dry and grind your own fresh herbs popped up in my Facebook feed. It certainly won’t save me from all the tiny overpriced bottles of dried goodness, but it just might save me from having to buy a few here and there—and that seems totally worth it, right? Right.

Check out the nifty (and easy!) four-step tutorial here over on Grass Fed Girl.

Photo: Shutterstock