The Checkup: 25 Terrible Diet Tips You Should Ignore

• There are a lot of people out there with a lot opinions about how you should eat. And let me tell you: A lot of those opinions are nonsense. Like, for example, anyone who tells you to always, always, ALWAYS skip dessert is off his rocker. Here, the 25 worst diet tips ever. [Prevention]

• Fact: Just because your back aches or your knees are stiff doesn’t mean you should skip exercise all together. In fact, sweating a little may help alleviate some of your pain—you just have to be smart about it. Check out these great exercise tips for anyone who has aches and pains. [Believe@Magee]

• Well, this is interesting. Regularly eating high-fat foods can mess up the reward circuitry in your brain, making healthier, lower-fat foods seem less satisfying. But a new study shows that you may be able to rewire your reward center. [Boston Globe]

• Ah, the age-old running question: To get up and run in the morning, or to stay in bed and sleep in? This terrific essay illustrates both sides of the coin (and shows, of course, why you should just get the heck out of bed!). [Runner’s World]

• People who have more sex make more money, a new study finds. No word on if making more money also means more sex, however. (I’d be willing to bet on it.) [New York Magazine]

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