9 Ways to Hydrate Without Water

Pass the ... eggplant?

I have a coworker, who shall remain nameless (*achoo* Emily Goulet *achoo*), who doesn’t drink nearly enough water. She knows it. We all know it. Her camel-like ways are kind of a joke around the office.

On a scorcher week like this, I feel it is my duty, in solemn seriousness, to remind her to drink more water. But since I know she won’t no matter how much I plead, I came up with this list of nine non-water ways to she (and you!) can hydrate without water—recipes included. Now, my dear Emily, you have no excuse.


A 2009 study found that eating watermelon is a pretty killer way to refuel your water supplies. The fruit is 92 percent water and its chemicals lutein and zeaxanthin—also found in papaya—help you hydrate even more.

Eat it up: Refreshing Grilled Chicken Salad with Watermelon and Blueberries


They’re made of mostly water—and there’s nothing wrong with that. Leave the skin on, and you get a good dose of vitamin C to boot.

Eat it up: Quick Kimchi Cucumbers

Bell Peppers

Peppers in all colors are made of over 90 percent water, but green ones win out by a hair (if you’re counting). Bonus: They’re also loaded up with antioxidants.

Eat it up: Greek Orzo-Stuffed Peppers


These guys clock in at 89 percent agua, so you’ll get a wallop of water along with vitamins A and C. And with only 50 calories in a cup, you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth for a song.

Eat it up: Chilled Cantaloupe Soup


Not that you need another excuse to put away a pint of strawberries, but these guys contain 92 percent water and they help keep your arteries clear. Woo!

Eat it up: Strawberry-Avocado Salsa


Did you know broccoli is made of 90 percent water? It is! It also has a ton of vitamins C and A.

Eat it up: Grilled Broccoli and Lemons


The water content here is high (92 percent!), as are the fiber, manganese and B vitamin counts.

Eat it up: Sweet and Sour Eggplant, Tomatoes and Chickpeas


It might make your face pucker, but a grapefruit is made up of 91 percent water. Plus: hello, vitamin C.

Eat it up: Spiced Grapefruit with Mango Sorbet


Red or green, you’ve got over 90 percent water content. Mix them with carrots and cauliflower for a hydration triple threat.

Eat it up: Roasted Tomato and Artichoke Flatbread Pizza

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