The Checkup: 75 Ideas for Cooking and Eating Healthy in the Summer

Spend less time sweating in the kitchen with these terrific tips. Hallelujah!

• I’m sweating just thinking about eating a bowl of hot soup right now. Which is why I am bookmarking, pinning, printing, transcribing—whatever it takes, people!—these 75 tips for eating and cooking healthy in the summer. Watermelon-jalapeno ice pops, here I come. [Cooking Light]

• If ever I dislocate my shoulder and need to use a sling, can someone please get me Mariah Carey’s bedazzled one? I’ll also take it in white fur. Please and thank you. [NY Mag]

• Here’s a low-maintenance way to green your home: Make a succulent terrarium. A local blogger shows you how. [Green Philly Blog]

• Why you should meditate at work. (Reason #1: Google employees do it.) [Wired]

• Your music choice affects your workout, andspoiler alert—there’s more to it than beats per minute. [Runner’s World]

Photo: Shutterstock