The Checkup: Calorie Counts for All Your Favorite Bar Drinks

And I mean everything: a glass of merlot, gin and tonic, Bacardi, margarita, Smirnoff Ice, Four Loko ...

• This. Is. Brilliant. Thank you, Greatist, for your brand new infographic that maps out exactly how many calories I’m taking in when I put back a glass of chardonnay. Or a Sierra Nevada. Or a shot of Patron. Or, you know, all of the above. Check out the calorie counts for your go-to drinks, including cocktails, beers, mixers and more. [Greatist]

“Bitchy resting face”—furrowed brow, pursed lips, general bitchy countenance—is real, apparently, and now it can be corrected with plastic surgery. Doh. [NY Mag]

• Scratch off that item on your to-do list this week that reads, “Lose three pounds,” and change it to, “Lose two to four pounds.” Click through to see why a range is better than a single digit when it comes to setting—and keeping—goals. []

• Confirming my grand experiment: Treadmill desks don’t hurt work quality or productivity one bit. So there, wary bosses of the world. [Runner’s World]

• Ugh. Accuweather says we’re supposed to be back in the 90s by Thursday. Check out these five stay-cool tips if you’re planning on working out outdoors. [Prevention]

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