The Checkup: Another Reason Why Mondays Are the Worst

Hint: it all hinges on your Sunday night.

• Here’s a new reason why Mondays are the absolute worst: A third of us say, of all the nights of the week, we have the most difficult time falling asleep on Sunday nights, according to a new survey, which would make our Monday workdays extra awful. See what I did there? Click through for tips on how to beat the restless blues. [Fitness Magazine]

• The best thing about this post on how to have good workout hair is that it includes a photo of Kelly Kapowski and Lisa Turtle. Awesome. [HuffPost Healthy Living]

• Run with abandon, people! A new study found that running and walking strengthens your joints, not weakens them. [Prevention]

• Green Philly Blog spent a night on a farm. Here’s what it’s like to awaken to roosters, gather eggs and milk goats—all at 6 on a Sunday morning. [Green Philly Blog]

• The color of your fork matters. No, really. A new study found that the color of your cutlery affects how you perceive flavor. [HealthDay]

Photo: Shutterstock