Two Awesome New Resources for Philly’s Urban Gardeners

Check this out if you've got a green thumb

The Spring Gardens community garden // Photo by R. Kennedy for GPTMC

Plan Philly has a good read this week about two just-launched initiatives aimed at helping Philly’s urban gardeners identify and protect the vacant spaces they’ve transformed—or want to transform—into thriving community gardens.

The first is a handy mapping website called Grounded in Philly that plots vacant lots and includes information about who owns them. The idea is to make it easier for interested gardeners to secure access to the lots, by either contacting the owners and striking an agreement or even purchasing the land through a sheriff’s sale.

The second is an advocacy initiative called Healthy Food Green Spaces, charged with protecting existing gardens and urban farms and liaising with City Council when necessary.

These groups, combined with other initiatives like Life Do Grow and urban farms like Greensgrow Farms, are making our city greener by the minute—and that’s something we can totally get behind. Read more about the two new initiatives here.